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Cocoa Jones Brownies

Eight serving Item  available in 3 delicious flavors. Original Plain Cocoa, Belgian Chip, Roasted Walnut. Equivalent to EIGHT 2oz. Junior Jones Brownies shown below.

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For special orders and custom combinations that maynot be shown please call 718.650.3405 
(9:00am - 4:00pm EDT)

All of our products come from pure rich cocoa from different parts of the world.

Most brownies are made by melting butter and bakers chocolate together. Bakers chocolate  contains other ingredients such as lecithan, and tasteless cocoa butter which is an adulteration of the chocolate essence. Cocoa.

Pure cocoa produces a more chocolatey brownie.

Sold for years in DEAN & DELUCA'S stores around the country we are generally regarded as the best brownie in
New York City

Made only from cocoa.

Cocoa Jones Brownies

If you dont like our brownies get a full refund.

Original Junior Jones Plain Cocoa Brownie

This is the brownie that started it all. We use Cocoa from Africa and South & Central America. Each cocoa has a specific flavor profile. Click below to see available boxes. Cocoa Jones Brownies are always fresh, soft and delicious!

Roasted Almond
Junior Jones Brownie

Roasted Almonds and chocolate. What could be better? This has been a favorite for years. Same exact chocolaty profile as the Original Cocoa Plain Brownie - just topped with freshly roasted almonds.

Dark Chocolate Chip
Junior Jones Brownie

This is for those who really, really love chocolate. The addition of Barry Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chips makes for a serious chocolate overload.

Roasted Pecan
Junior Jones Brownie

The most chocolatey brownie around. Paired with roasted California pecans, it’s a real hit anytime, but especially great with a cup of coffee.

Roasted Walnut
Junior Jones Brownie

Walnut is a classic when it comes to brownies. Our Walnut brownie is reminiscent of the Walnut Brownie from Ebinger’s Bakery of Brooklyn (1960s). Ebinger’s brownies, like ours, were All Natural and without artificial ingredients.

Walnut Profile 6102.jpg


It's not about sugar!

It's about Cocoa.

"Cocoa Jones Brownies are all about fine chocolate and cocoas, premium quality nuts -- that we roast ourselves -- and only pure natural extracts. 


Our brownies are made in micro-batches. That means they are watched like little puppies from the mixing bowls to the wire cooling racks. People know what quality tastes like and they come back again and again for our premium, made-from-scratch, all-natural brownies."
    Chris Pizzolorusso, 
    Founder Cocoa Jones Brownies

This a profile of a Cocoa Jones Walnut Brownie shows the fudgy middle. Thats cocoa.

Our brownies freeze and refrigerate very well because there is less sugar than most brownies....

My husband and I recently discovered your mouth watering brownies at our Key Food in Maspeth, Queens. They are the perfect treat.

-- Veronica P, New York

Surprise someone you like today with our Cocoa Jones Brownies. You'll make their day!