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...beyond mere chocolate...

All Natural 
Nothing Artificial
Nothing Processed
Low in cholesterol
Low in Sodium


The recipe for Cocoa Jones Brownies was created to give my son Christopher who was 7yrs old at the time, a very chocolatey brownie with no artificial flavors, colors, or any kind of additives and less sugar. And me the dad, I wanted less cholesterol (NO DAIRY) and less sodium. The bottom line was that we used to look for the perfect brownie at all the places we traveled to. We tried them all and were always disappointed. They were either too sweet, not chocolatey enough or there was a nasty after taste from the artificial ingredients. That’s when we started experimenting in our own kitchen to make the best brownie we could for our needs. The brownie of my childhood was made by EBINGER’S BAKERY in the 1950s in Brooklyn, NY where my mother worked. It was the best! Just walnut and it was all natural just like ours and to this day it remains our benchmark brownie. 

Our brownies are not at all about sugar. They’re about the fine cocoas from 3 continents. We use just enough cane sugar to balance the cocoa.  It’s also, about premium in-house roasted nuts and only Barry Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Chips, which use pure vanilla extract and are non-dairy. They are of the finest quality, smooth, not waxy, chocolate. We use only Madagascar pure vanilla extract.


This is a from-scratch product in which we use unbleached flour, cold pressed canola oil and fresh eggs. We are very proud of our products which have been continuously manufactured for the past 14 years. They are sold in New York City’s best food stores.  


And now, once again they are available online. 

Creator & Founder
Cocoa Jones Brownies