We are very proud of our all natural Ingredients.
What is All Natural?


The words ALL NATURAL can illicit many different reactions and definitions. At Cocoa Jones Brownies it means that only ingredients that are minimally processed. Only processed to make it useable.

Wheat milled into Flour....Orchids made into Pure Vanilla Extract....Cocoa Beans ground into cocoa powder.   No artiicial ingredients, No flavors or colors. Only what nature provides.


When we wanted to formulate a Vegan Brownie we wanted it to take it a step furhter. By using the ancient grain Sorghum Flour we eliminated white flour which is not very healthy for many people.


Ingredient List for REGULAR Cocoa Jones Brownies

Unbleached white flour, cocoa powders, non-aluminum baking powder, cold pressed canola oil, cane sugar, whole eggs, pure vanilla extract, lots of love.   THATS IT! Nothing else.

Cocoa Powder vs Bakers Chocolate

Our main motive in using cocoa powders is TASTE!  Bakers Chocolate will make a decent brownie. Cocoa Powder however, is the essemce of Chocolate. Bakers chocolate no matter who makes it is an adulteration of chocolate flavor. In addition, cocoa powder  has been shown to  enhance BRAIN FUNCTION.  It's a no brainer!